Go Bananas!

Bananas are a great cure for stress or anxiety! Next time you feel stressed, reach for a banana.  With only 105 calories and 14 grams of sugar, a medium banana fills you up, provides a mild blood sugar boost and has 30% of the day’s vitamin B6.  Vitamin B6 helps the brain produce mellowing serotonin-to help you get through a crisis peacefully.  So eat up those bananas!


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Tai Chi May Relieve Anxiety/Depression

A wonderful fact provided by Prevention notes the healing power that the martial art “Tai Chi” has, in that it may relieve stresses associated with anxiety and depression.  This results from the combining movement, meditation and breathing exercises associated with its practice.  Although there are few studies on its effects, various scholarly sources believe it is beneficial, especially among the elderly.

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The Buzz On Coconut Oil

Did you know that coconut oil has the ability to relieve stress, maintain cholesterol levels, increase immunity and promote proper health and digestion? It can also aid heart disease, diabetes and bone strength! The list can go on of the health benefits from this crucial yet rarely recognized resource.  Not only does coconut oil benefit your internal health, but it is also a great nutrition source when applied directly to the skin, hair, and lips.  A jar of coconut oil can be found at your local grocery store for as cheap as $6.  So, join the buzz on this miracle food to become a healthier you!  Additional health benefits here.