The Bio of Biotin

Biotin is essentially a B-complex vitamin that plays an essential role in metabolizing energy.  Biotin is naturally produced in the body, however, there are supplements available if you would like to intensify the positive effects of this vitamin.  This vitamin processes nearly every type of food that you ingest, including carbohydrates, protein and fat.  When Biotin levels are at the proper levels in your body, the food that you take in will be processed quickly.  Your doctor may even prescribe a Biotin supplement if you suffer from metabolic issues, since it can help get your metabolism up to normal functioning levels quickly.  If you are trying to lose weight, a Biotin supplement may help, since it is sometimes thought to speed up weight loss, due to its clear effects on metabolic levels.

Not only does Biotin affect your metabolic rates, is also plays a major role in blood glucose production.  Since Biotin is heavily involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates within your body, it is largely responsible for keeping your blood sugar at healthy levels.  In addition, Biotin plays a major role in producing strong nails and maintaining healthy hair and growth.

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Grab A Grapefruit!

Grapefruit is a wonderful source of nutrients and is an excellent choice in becoming a healthier you!  Grapefruit not only curbs hunger but it also protects your heart.  Enjoying one grapefruit a day can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels by 15.5% and triglycerides by 27%.  There are high levels of antioxidants in this power food to keep your seasonal colds away! The vitamins in grapefruit are helpful to getting rid of dark patches on your knees and elbows when applied directly to the skin.  Grapefruit has also been proved to boost your metabolism!  People who ate half of a grapefruit before each meal (without making any other dietary changes) shed an average of three and a half pounds over 12 weeks, found a study from the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California.  The fruit juice from grapefruits are also wonderful cleaning agents for disinfecting and providing firmness to the skin.  Next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up some grapefruit and observe the entire body benefits it has on you!

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