11 Fast Energy Fixes

Stay awake and fired up with these easy fatigue fighters from Prevention Magazine!

1.  Have bran for breakfast

2.  Order a small latte-and sip it slowly!

3.  Eat more often!

4.  Plop a plant in your office

5.  Gulp some water

6.  Steep a cup of tea

7.  Take a 10-minute walk

8.  Copy your kid’s lunch

9.  Cue up your iPod

10.  Try a natural cure

11.  Order the seaweed salad

See details on why these fatigue fighters are beneficial to keeping you at maximum strength by following this link.

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Energy Zappers

Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing making you tired! Best Health Magazine has comprised a list of the 5 worst energy zappers and how to beat them.  So check out the list below and see if one of these five energy zappers are to blame for your sluggishness!

1.  Eliminating carbs from your diet-Opt for healthy, complex carbohydrates to your diet such as whole grains, legumes and starchy vegetables.

2.  Skipping breakfast-Start off your day with healthy carbohydrates as well as proteins and fruits.

3.  Not eating enough-Healthy grab-and-go snacks such as trail mixes or protein bars can be snacked on throughout the day for optimal energy.

4.  Dehydration-Keep a water bottle with you all throughout the day to take sips on.  Juices and herbal teas can also aid in hydration.

5.  Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time-Combine protein and carbs for your mid-day snack. Munch an apple with a handful of almonds, yogurt with berries or veggies with hummus and crackers for consistent energy without the processed food crash.

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