Get Cleaning!

My Better Self would like to encourage you to take on a cleaning project today! Whether it may be your closet, kitchen, or garage-get going! You may have been neglecting it for the past few days or even weeks so we encourage you to tackle the mess to relieve some stress! Cleaning is also a great way to get moving while getting your mind off of stressful situations.  Think how great you will feel once you have accomplished a cleaning task! Turn on some music and get going!



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Germ Hot Spots!

Keeping yourself and your home clean and germ free is what we all strive for to better our health and prevent sickness.  Prevention Magazine highlights 10 spots in your home that are suprisingly dirty surfaces that harbor viruses and bacteria.  So next time you take on cleaning duty-don’t skip over these germ hot spots!

1.  Kitchen Faucet

2.  Garbage Disposal

3.  Welcome Mat

4.  Vacuum Cleaner

5.  Dish Towel

6.  Car Dashboard

7.  Soap Dispensers

8.  Restaurant Ketchup Bottles

9.  Refrigerator Seal

10.  Cell Phone

Germs are everywhere and when cleaning we often think of the obvious areas: toilets, countertops, floors, etc.  For easy solutions to keep you and your family safe as far as germ infestation-follow this link to Prevention’s article.

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