Eat This. Lose Weight.

Most people think the key to weight loss is simply eating less. Although, studies show that actually adding some things to your diet can help you lose more weight. Protein is the key ingredient to losing weight because it not only helps you feel fuller longer, it boosts up your metabolism to make your body burn those extra lbs. So pack on the protein and shed the pounds!


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Holiday Splurges Under 100 Calories

The holiday season is right around the corner and we found 10 delicious holiday cookies you don’t have to feel guilty about after eating. All under 100 calories these cookies make for a great holiday splurge without feeling like you binged.

Check out the link to the 10 holiday cookies under 100 calories!


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Veg Out!

Did you know that only 27 percent of Americans eat the recommended three servings of vegetables a day? Although veggies can be pretty bland and boring, they are something you’re body needs to stay healthy. Here are 16 ways to spice up your veggies and turn them into something you can wait to get on your fork!

Click here for the link to the 16 ways to spice up your veggies!

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