Ten Simple Rules for a Better, Healthier Self

It can be tough to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle 24/7 but below are ten simple rules that you should always follow to be a better you. These no-brainers will help you maintain a long, healthy life.

–       Kick the Habit. Even if you only smoke “on the weekends” you are doing irreparable damage to your body. Join a support group, quit with a friend, set goals; anything to help you stop.

–       Don’t Fake it. People who use tanning beds are 2 ½ times more likely to develop skin cancer. Skip the fake bake and when you are outdoors, be sure to wear sunscreen.

–       Eat Chocolate. Surprised by this rule? You can enjoy these foods, in moderation, and treating yourself every once and a while is key to a successful diet plan.

–       Know Your Numbers. A tip from the American Heart Association, Dr. Sizemore-Ruiz says. “Knowing your cholesterol and blood sugar levels and having them checked regularly will help you to make more educated decisions about your diet.”

To see the next six tips click here! 

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