Feel Full with Less

Never seem to feel satisfied after that turkey sandwich? Research from Women’s Health has shown a new way to feel fuller with the same amount (or even less) of food. By cutting certain foods into pieces before eating can help you feel more satisfied and even stop you from over eating.


“The whole idea is to trick your mind to think you’re eating a lot from a plate,” says Devina Wadhera, a graduate student at ASU who designed and analyzed the study. “When food is cut into pieces, it looks like there’s more of it, so our eyes trick our stomach into thinking we are eating a lot more than we actually are.”

Keep these five ideas in mind before digging into your next dish:

–       Cut up whole foods before digging in. Try chopping up that whole serving of chicken before you dig in.

–       You know bite-size? Halve it. Get as many pieces as possible from each portion.

–       Eat one piece at a time and chew slowly.

–       Reclassify your food. A lot of side foods or snacks could be considered a meal.

–       Don’t try this with dessert. Researchers are still unsure if this mind trick relates to eating sweets as well.

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