Spice Up Your Water

So we all know the benefits to drinking water, but that bland, no flavor taste can get boring after a while and can steer us clear of drinking our recommended amount. Below are 7 ways to give our water a nice flavor kick and make it more enjoyable to drink:

–       Add Fresh Fruit. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are classic water enhancers, but other fruit flavors might also tempt your taste buds. Try crushing fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water, or adding strawberry slices.

–       Use juice. Tart juices, like cranberry, pomegranate, grape, and apple, are especially delicious. Go for juices that are all natural, with no added sugars.

–       Make it bubbly. Try a naturally effervescent mineral water — which will give you the added benefit of minerals. Or try bubbly seltzer, a carbonated water.

–       Get creative with ice. Some say that ice water tastes better than water served at room temperature. If that’s so, flavored ice cubes may make an even better drink. Think of freezing some of the suggested juices above.

Click this link to see the other 3 ways to spice up your water!

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