Nightime Snacking: How to kick this habit.

We’ve all been there, it seems as though once the sun goes down all bets are off for snacking. You have been good all day, but there’s something about a long workday and the television that makes us pig out at this time of day. Aza Raskin, Massive Health founder, states that, “There is a 1.7 percent overall decrease in healthiness of what’s eaten for every hour of the day that passes after breakfast.” So how can you stop these pre-bedtime habits? Below are ten healthy snacks to help not only satisfy your evening cravings, but also help you fall asleep.

–       Nonfat popcorn

–       Halibut

–       Mango Lassi

–       Chickpeas

–       Chamomile tea

–       Honey

–       Dried tart cherries

–       Turkey

–       Banana “soft serve”

–       Kale Chips

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