Kids’ Foods To Never Eat

Prevention Magazine has highlighted the 7 Kids’ Foods To Never Eat.  Although kids’ snacks are packaged in the most convenient way possible, they’re not convenient for your health—or your child’s health, for that matter. Since your metabolism isn’t quite at the place your kid’s is anymore, it’s time to leave these sugary, fattening culprits at the playground.

1. Squeezable Yogurt- Filled with sugar and corn starch with little to no probiotics.  Instead eat plain nonfat yogurt and add your sweetness such as with honey or fresh berries.

2. Sugary Cereals-Made from refined grains, one little square made from processed grains and coated with sugar probably raises your blood glucose more than an actual sugar packet.  Instead, try whole grain puffed cereals, with cinnamon or bananas added for more flavor.

3. Toaster Pastries-Made with refined white flour that’s been stripped of its nutrients, these also contain sugar, corn syrup, and artificial preservatives. Instead use your toaster for a whole grain piece of bread with some almond butter and fresh fruit.

4. Boxed Mac and Cheese-One-third of a box contains almost 600 mg of sodium—that’s a quarter of the recommended daily cap.  Opt for whole wheat macaroni with chopped vegetables and fresh grated organic parmesan.

5. Fruit Snacks-Some are made with dried fruit and loads of added sugar and syrups. Look for fruit snacks made with real fruit with no added sugar and nothing artificial, from colors to preservatives.

6. Hot Dogs-Preserved meats like hot dogs contain nitrites, which are linked to an increased cancer risk.  Not only do they have high saturated fat content, which sabotages both your heart and your waistline, but add in a refined-flour bun and a generous squirt of sugary ketchup, and this is one lunch you can’t afford to repeat very often.  Instead, try chicken breast strips coated in whole grain breadcrumbs or crushed cereal. Preservative-free turkey jerky strips are another option.

7. Boxed Fruit Juice- Many fruit “juices” actually contain no juice and are filled with sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  Look for juices that contain 100% real fruit juice, preferably organic, with nothing artificial.

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