Milk Alternatives

If you’re curious to try a different type of milk, other than the traditional skim or 1%, we have the information for you to weigh your options.  Opting for almond, coconut, flax, hemp, rice, soy or sunflower milk have various pros and cons and with the help of Self Magazine, we are here to lay them out for you.  The traditional skim milk is great for muscle-building protein, however, it is high in the natural sugar, lactose.  Also, some brands use synthetic hormones so you may want to consider choosing organic milk.
Types of Milk
Coconut–  Has a great thick texture and the coconut provides a lot of sweetness.  The cons of coconut milk include its higher saturated fat content.
Hemp–  Has a sweet, nutty flavor and this type is rich in omega-3’s to hydrate the skin and boost heart health.  A con of hemp milk is its high price in stores.
Rice– A great choice for those with soy and nut allergies, however, it’s way too watery for your coffee or tea.  And for the calories there is minimal nutrition as far as protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
Sunflower–  Has a mildly nutty taste that isn’t overpowering.  Sunflower milk has a thick consistency which makes it great for coffee and tee.  A turnoff of sunflower milk is its grayish color that may hesitate consumers.
Flax–  Flax milk is the lowest as far as calories making it a great choice for smoothies.  A con of flax milk is its lack of protein.
Soy–  Soymilk is the only nondairy variety that’s high in filling protein, so it’s good for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.  There are continual investigations about soy’s potential link to breast cancer so if you are worried about this factor, you should discuss it with your physician.

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