Sports Injuries: Ice or Heat?

Injuries require different sources of heating or icing depending on if they are tight muscles, strains, sprains or spasms.  So how do you know which one to utilize? Well, below is an easy-to-follow list of when to ice and when to heat to get you back to your workouts!

Use ice for

• a sprain
• a strain
• swelling
• inflammation
• overexerted muscles from exercise
• bruising
• acute joint pain

Use heat for

• overuse pain
• repetitive tendon pain, before physical activity
• tight or injured muscles before exercise
• repetitive strains
• muscle spasms
• muscle pain
• chronic joint pain

Take care of your body and its injuries.  Listen to when your body can and can not handle the stress of exercise.  Utilize your best judgement but don’t be afraid to get back at it!

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