Sleep Tricks For Amazing Skin!

Prevention Magazine has written an article on maintaining a clear complexion with 5 easy steps.  One of these steps includes reviving your complexion with 4 easy tweaks to your nighttime routine.  The first tip is to sleep on your back.  Lying on your stomach or on the same side every night can etch permanent sleep lines into your skin.  If it is too difficult for you to adjust, try using a satin pillowcase; the silky texture prevents crinkles. The second pointer is to raise your head.  Stacking a few pillows beneath your head can prevent puffy eyes in the morning.  The third tip is to invest in a humidifier.  Dry, hot air sucks moisture from the skin while a humidifier puts water into the air, for soft and supple skin.  The fourth pointer from Prevention Magazine is to get deep sleep.  Use the bedroom for sleeping only.  Doing so trains your mind to associate your bed with getting sleep.  Avoiding caffeine and exercise 3-5 hours before bedtime can help you reach a deeper sleep.  The ideal temp for sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  So if you are looking to enhance your facial complexion, be sure you are taking these precautions in your nighttime routine!

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