Thoughts Causing Overeating?

According to WebMD, the way people think and relate to food has a powerful effect on eating habits because these thoughts determine how you feel, and these feelings determine what you do.  Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD of WebMD has comprised a list of five thoughts that typically cause us to overeat.  Listed below are these common beliefs so we encourage you to notice if you have used these excuses before! Follow here for extensive information on studies/facts about overeating!

1.  I should/shouldn’t eat it

2.  I had a tough day so I deserve some ice cream

3.  I already indulged, so why not keep eating bad food?

4.  I’m not losing weight, so what’s the use?

5.  It’s healthy so I can eat as much as I want

Are you using these excuses? They may be ruining your goal towards becoming your better self! So change your thoughts and read more by following this link!

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