Migrane Triggering Foods

Are you aware that migraine treatment and prevention is strongly associated with the foods we eat?  According to Health Central, food triggers are considered a cause of migraines in many patients.  Leading expert, Teri Robert, has compiled a list of potential trigger foods.  If you suffer with migraines, try an elimination diet.  This includes eliminating all the potential trigger foods from your diet-then adding them back in one at a time, with a week between adding each food.  It is important to notw that a migraine can occur up to 48 hours after eating a trigger food.  So take note of how these potential triggers many be affecting your migraines.

  • Vegetables
    • beans
    • pickles
    • chili peppers
    • olives
  • Fruits
    • dried fruits
    • avocados
    • red plums
    • bananas
    • citrus fruits
  • Breads
    • any fresh yeast product straight from the oven
    • yeast breads
    • pizza
    • soft pretzels
  • Meats and seafood
    • any preserved or processed meat
    • bacon
    • hot dogs
    • sausage
  • Dairy products
    • aged cheeses
    • sour cream
    • whole milk
  • Beverages
    • alcoholic beverages, especially red wine
    • chocolate beverages
    • caffeinated beverages
  • Miscellaneous
    • anything with MSG
    • artificial sweeteners
    • vinegar

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