Low Cost Fitness!

Staying in shape does not mean having to join a gym to take fitness seriously.  There are plenty of low-cost alternatives that can help you get fit without breaking your budget!  Start taking advantage of everyday opportunities like taking brisk walks outside in your neighborhood or through a local mall.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park further away from your destination to add in the extra walk.

Household chores can also be considered a great way to get in a workout! Mow the lawn, weed the garden, rake leaves or shovel snow! Even indoor chores like vacuuming and scrubbing count as a workout when your heart rate increases.

Start joining your children while they play for additional exercise! Join in for a game of tag or kickball! Walk them to the park, dance or take a family bike ride!  The choice is about becoming more active with your lifestyle that doesn’t always involve a pricey gym membership.

If you are more interested in fitness equipment, look for used sporting good stores or share costs with a friend for exercise videos, balancing balls, dumbbells, jumping ropes etc.  This way you can also depend on each other as fitness buddies! No matter what-start moving!

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