Healing Effects of Lavender

There are various and unique purposes for the purple plant, lavender.  Health.com has highlighted how to use this soothing herb to calm your stomach, mind and skin.  As strange as it seems, lavender can be used to fight dandruff.  Mixing 15 drops of lavender essential oil with warm water in 2 tablespoons of olive or almond oil can be microwaved for 10 seconds and massaged onto your scalp for a quick-fix treatment.  After letting the mixture sit for an hour, it can be shampooed out and repeated for maximum results before the next time you wash your hair.

Dried-culinary lavender is great for bloating and poor digestion issues.  Sprinkle it onto some greek yogurt to help reduce the bad bacteria in your stomach.  Lavender also helps us relax when enhaled, so putting a handful of dried lavender by your nightstand may help you catch those zzz’s faster.

Lavender is a great source for itching when it comes to mosquito bites.  It serves as a natural anti-inflammatory reducing itching, swelling and redness.  Using lavender essential oil directly onto the affected area can help with mosquito bite treatment.

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