Move Over “Green”!

My Better Self has stumbled across a phenomenal article from  It seems that most often we choose the “greens” when thinking of health foods at the grocery store.  Whether these are the green leafy vegetables or green teas, we may be overlooking a prominent color: black.  The article from Everyday Health is titled “The Powerful Superfoods You Might Be Missing” with the tagline “Is black the new green?”.  It seems like an interesting question to consider but it is surprising to realize that dark-hued foods have been hailed as the newest superfoods because of their high levels of various antioxidants.

Next time you scroll through the grocery isles-don’t skip over the greens-but take into consideration the blacks.  Everyday Health suggests the following “blacks” to protecting you against diseases with their high levels of antioxidants!  We highly encourage you to take a look at the original article here to read behind their black choices!

-Black Beans


-Black Soybeans

-Black Lentils

-Black Rice

-Black Tea

-Black Mushrooms

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