Steel Cut Versus Rolled Oats

My Better Self has done quite a few posts about the benefits of eating oatmeal with our recipe and topping variations.  If you are an oatmeal fanatic like us, we suggest you try all different types to see how their tastes differ.  We have all heard of the quick oats that can be made in the microwave in a minute or less, and the traditional old-fashion rolled oats that tend to be thicker flakes.  But have you heard of steel-cut oats?  Steel-cut oats are the least processed type of oat cereal.  The toasted oat groats are simply chopped into chunks about the size of the sesame seeds but take a little longer to cook properly than traditionally-rolled oats.

Because steel-cut oats go through less processing than the traditional rolled oats, you make think steel-cut oats are a healthier option.  But what may be shocking is to learn that steel-cut, stone-ground, old fashion and quick-cooking rolled oats are all made from whole grains and they all have approximately the same amount of fiber, protein, calories and other nutrients.

So if you’re feeling ambitious, try switching up the classic for a different taste texture! Who knows, you may become a steel-cut oats fanatic after sampling it!  Nutrition Diva offers a great article about the different variations of oatmeal that you can find here!

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