4 Ways To Minimize Allergy Suffering During Your Outdoor Exercising

Spring and Summer pollen sensitivities can bring your outdoor workouts to a halt if you find yourself wheezing and sneezing.  Prevention Magazine has published an article from the assistance of Stanley Fineman.  Fineman is an MD, president-elect of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.  Follow these four tips below to minimize your allergy suffering while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Time your exercise: Most pollen counts peak mid-afternoon, so mornings or dusk work outs are the best times of day to hit the trails.

Watch the weather: Rain cleans the air of pollen, and wind stirs it loose from trees and up from the ground.  Pollen counts are also higher on hot days versus cool ones.

Rinse off afterward: Pollen can attach to your clothing and skin, so shower after your workout.  Toss clothes into a hamper that also contains a lid.

Drink more water: An extra 8 ounces a day can help you breathe easier by thinning mucus in your airways.

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