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It seems that for some of us, our morning coffees are turning into desserts with the whipped cream, sugars and flavored syrups.  It doesn’t always have to be a health disaster once you make the proper choices to your next order.  If you’re going to add milk, go with nonfat or maybe even the soymilk option.  If you are trying to cut your caloric intake, stick with the tall (12oz.) beverage size unless you are drinking your coffee black.

The best choices at Starbucks would be the basic cup of joe with only five calories or the hot tea with zero calories.  If you want more of an espresso-type beverage go with the regular espresso, cappuccino with nonfat milk, or a caffe latte with nonfat milk.  As for frappuccino blended beverages, stick with the coffee frappuccino light blended beverage or the cinnamon dolce or mocha light options.  The best smoothie options are orange mango or chocolate with nonfat milk.  When ordering lattes try asking for them “skinny” to make your order easier.  The skinny option means the drink contains a sugar free syrup and nonfat milk.  And if the whipped cream is a must, ask for light whip.  For the Starbucks Nutrition Calculator follow this link and see where your drink stacks up in your caloric intake level!

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