Walk The Mall!

Need to get some healthy exercise but don’t want to join a gym? Try walking the mall! An article by All You gives tips on making the most of your mall workout!  Follow the process the below:

five-minute warm-up: Scope the mall as you walk and gradually increase the pace while your muscles heat up. During the fifth minute, walk briskly to the food court.

Food court: Power-walk the perimeter twice, then stride briskly to the nearest escalator or set of stairs.

Escalator or stairs: Walk up and down the entire set three times, then return to walking briskly around the mall.

Shoe store: Pick up the pace as you pass each shoe store or retailer of your choice.

Repeat the sequence: Go for 20 minutes around the food court, up the escalator or stairs, and past the shoe store.

five-minute cooldown: Slow your pace until your heart rate returns to normal.











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