Mayo Clinic’s Recipe Index

If you are not already aware, Mayo Clinic offers a site where you can browse hundreds of healthy recipes.  Mayo Clinic has made browsing by category easier with quick links associated in:

1.  Special diets-whether you are focusing on high fiber, heart-healthy, low sodium, low fat or diabetes conscious plans, hundreds of options are available for each special kind of diet.

2.  Main ingredient- search a meal by choosing the main ingredient of the dish such as-poultry and meat, eggs, pasta, beans and legumes or rice and grains.  If you’re craving a certain main dish this quick link is a great option for you.

3.  Course-search by type of meal in this quick link.  Courses include: appetizers, main dishes, sauces, breads, sides and healthy desserts to name a few.

4.  Meals-pretty self explanatory but the meals category includes-breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks.

5.  Preparation method: choose from methods like-baking, roasting, grilling or even no cooking! This makes your recipe choice easier if you are on a time limit!

6.  Number of servings: the number of servings category is extremely helpful when cooking for a family, couple or even party,  This option gives you proper amounts and measurements to feed all the mouths at your table.

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