Stay On Track Eating Out

With the convenience and growing number of restaurants, we are eating out more than ever.  When dining out, it is easy to get carried away as we consume more calories, fat and unhealthy foods.  Next time you choose to dine out, take these tips into account!

Dining Tips:

-No matter what you are eating, practice eating small portions.  Splitting the meal with a friend or taking the other half home are helpful portion control options.

-Substitute high fat foods with healthier alternatives such as french fries to a baked potato or side salad.

-Do NOT skip meals beforehand.  We typically over eat when earlier meals have been skipped.

-Try eating something 30 minutes before your meal to help you better control your choices.

Menu Tips:

-Avoid the terms: breaded, batter-dipped and tempura which all indicate fried and heavy in fat content.  Instead, choose entrees with terms such as: grilled, broiled, poached or flame-cooked.

-If bread is a must for you, choose french bread or whole wheat selections, and avoid the croissants, biscuits and pastries.

-The healthiest sauces are wine, thinned or stock-based, rather than béarnaise, Mornay or cream bases.

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