Benefits of Stretching

The body is, and is supposed to be flexible.  No matter your age, you should be stretching on a daily basis to improve your fitness.  What are the benefits to stretching you ask? Well increasing your range of movement is an important one.  Stretching lengthens muscles and tendons giving more ability to move limbs and joints to prevent injury.  Stretching is also helpful to increase your ability to perform skills.  Having good flexibility can help you start new sports or improve the ones you are already in.  Stretching is also helpful in reducing muscle tension, enhancing energy, and reducing cholesterol.  So, Incorporate stretching in your everyday lifestyle.  It has benefits you can not say no to.  It also does not require much. It can be your usual activities, bending and flexing every now and then.  After all, your fitness is everything so do what it takes to keep the body health.  Click here for more information on stretching.


One thought on “Benefits of Stretching

  1. 22/4/2012
    It is not only the body that is born with an enormous amount of elasticity, the mind of the new born is probably as “elastic” as the body he/she is born with. In terms of fitness and elasticity, you quite correctly promote stretching of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments) to maintain that elasticity. However, throughout life, people lose their mind flexibility as well, and not many think about that sort of flexibility too often.
    In fact, stretching is mostly indispensable for those who practice strenghneous or athletic activities, after injuries or illnesses, the average people (that includes me) lose some of the muscles, tendons, ligaments flexibility throughout life and that is natural. What is important, however, is to maintain a flexibility which will allow each one of us in practicing daily activities within normal range of motions. And that flexibility is usually maintained through the average motions people do everyday.
    So body flexibility maybe, mind flexibility maybe. Would you agree or were you thinking about a specific range of people in your comment?

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