Greek Yogurt: A Superfood

Greek yogurt has become a popular choice of consumers with its thick and creamy consistency.  It has roughly the same amount of calories as regular yogurt varieties, however, contains 15-20 grams of protein that a typical 6 oz serving of meat holds, which is significantly more than original yogurts.  It is also much lower in sugar than regular yogurt with its tangier and less sweet taste.  Being that Greek yogurt is high in protein, it also promotes fullness.  Going Greek is a smart choice for low-carb diets with half the amount of carbohydrates compared to regular yogurt, and half the amount of sodium yet providing 20% of your daily requirement of calcium.  If you’re an avid yogurt consumer, try switching it up to a Greek variety and see how the flavors compare! Click here for additional information on how Greek and original yogurts compare.  

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