Happiness is a choice!

1. Don’t be led by emotions.

Emotions are very powerful but can be dangerous if you don’t control them. If you are led by your emotions it will be difficult to continually be happy. You see, emotions change with every little thing that happens if you let them. Happiness is a choice you have to make regardless of what outside circumstances are. The better control you have of your emotions the more you will be able to choose to be happy.

2. Set yourself up to be happy.

Most people actually set themselves up to be unhappy. They set the rules to be happy so high that it’s practically impossible to be happy. Are the rules that you have set to be happy to hard? For instance, are one of your rules for happiness that you feel happy when you successful? If so, being successful all the time is hard to do. The odds are that you will be unhappy more then you will be happy if this is your rule. Make you rules easier and you will be happier.

3. Choose your thoughts wisely.

Happiness is a choice and therefore starts in your mind. If you think on things that are unhappy you will be unhappy. Begin the process of being happy by changing what you think on. You have a choice of what you are going to dwell on so make the choice to think about happy things.


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