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Running for Beginners

Don’t remember the last time you “went for a run”? Use the excuse that you’re just “not a runner”? Women’s Healthy Magazine is calling your bluff and is convinced everyone can become one. Follow their simple training plan and by the end you will be able to run 30 minutes without stopping!

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Healthy Winter Recipes

The cold weather may push you away from your healthy habits with the excuse that the farmers market is no longer and nothing is “in season”. But don’t give up that quickly. Whole living has given you 18 winter super food recipes that will keep you on track with healthy eating even through the coldest of months.

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The Secret to Gorgeous Hair

Ever wonder how some women get that soft, touchable hair? The amount of product options for hair care can be a bit overwhelming. shares that the secret to gorgeous hair is all in the conditioner. They tell you what ones work best to keep your hair looking it’s healthiest.

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Power Soups

It’s getting colder out by the second and nothing warms you up better than a nice bowl of soup. Although many people feel like soup isn’t a filling meal option on a diet, here are four power soups that are not only healthy, but will fill you up and keep you satisfied.

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Dining Out Made Healthy

Going out to eat and keeping your diet can be tricky. There is always temptation to throw away your healthy habits and order something high in calories, but there is hope! Cooking Light gives you easy ways to navigate every menu to make sure you pick something healthy and stay on track!

Check out the ways to navigate every type of menu! 

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Eat This. Lose Weight.

Most people think the key to weight loss is simply eating less. Although, studies show that actually adding some things to your diet can help you lose more weight. Protein is the key ingredient to losing weight because it not only helps you feel fuller longer, it boosts up your metabolism to make your body burn those extra lbs. So pack on the protein and shed the pounds!


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